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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another milestone

We sold the swingset today. The one we bought eleven years ago, when my son was a newborn and my daughter an energetic 3-year-old. She was so excited to see it in the store, then watch her dad and friends assemble it in the back of the yard, strategically positioned in the shade. Such a great distraction, to have a playset outside, providing me respite from entertaining them for awhile.

Of course, at first I was part of the play at the swingset: I was required to push the swing and supervise the sliding. Drag them down, in turn, from the ladder at the side that connected to the top. But as they got older, they mastered more of it on their own, turning parts of it into a fort and other parts into a "horse" stable.

But in the last few years, it has sat unused back there, collecting sap and dirt, no longer necessary for swinging or climbing or pretend play. And now, thanks to craigslist, some other small children will get the chance to slide and climb and pretend.

And as I watch these new people load and tie down the set, I try to muster nostalgia and regret at the passing of time, the aging of my children and, of course, me. But honestly, I am so damn happy to get that eyesore out of here and reclaim the back of the yard. Oh, and the money doesn't hurt either :)

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